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Why we're born with two hands...

  • Five (5) Cinco* — Original musicians are usually better looking — not this guy, though.
  • Four (4) Cuatro* — The women who like original musicians are always better looking.
  • Three (3) Tres* — Original musicians are — well — more original.
  • Two (2) Dos* — Minimal fees to licensing agencies, sometimes none at all.(++)
  • One (1) Uno* — No one screaming “Free Bird” in a drunken stupor.

*bi-lingual notes:
Important, no seventh-grade Spanish teachers were injured in the making of this post.

  • Uno – as in “Uno that guy what plays the harp on the sout’ side?”
  • Dos – as in “Dos, a Deerse…” or is it Homer and his identical twin?
  • Tres – 1) as in Amigos, from the globally — no, universally — famous trio of Denver Broncos players in the late 1980s, 2) what you pick up from the deli when you’re having a party.
  • Cuatro – All wheel drive
  • Cinco – hmmm… I know it’s not the network guys – maybe a corporation that runs whorehouses?

(++) Disclaimer: This could be bullpucky. How do I know? I’m not a lawyer. It just sounded like a good idea at the time.

Saxa Cantum,

PS, Okay, maybe I miss playing… just a little bit.

A new iPad app, indispensible for writers in a challenging world — iBartender. You tell it what you have around the house and it gives you a list of possible recipes.

Oooh yeah…

Or as they say in Latin…

Oooh yeah…

A group of people

Photoillustration: ChaliceMedia

My good (and respected) friend F.P. Dorchak put up a well-written and interesting post about the gadgets we buy.  In one of my responses, I compared gadgets (like the iPad®, eReaders, etc) to the ejection seat, and in intravenous infusion pump. Frank’s natural, and immediate response was “But really, comparing iPad to an ejection seat?”

Just this morning, I found over two million hits relating the iPad to emergency services. This one from Emergency Physicians Monthly was at the top of the list. [But I digress.]

Maybe another important viewpoint on the topic is not “do we need gadgets” but “where should we get the gadgets we need.”

Most of them are coming from countries whose people have been indoctrinated to hate the U.S. and Americans for the past sixty years or more. Now that we owe them trillions of dollars in debts, have spent more billions (perhaps trillions) of dollars in infrastructure and plant investments, do you think that that indoctrination has just gone away?

How can anyone with a conscience make toys containing lead paint? The recalls are STILL coming from Chinese products, three so far in 2011.

Yes, I have an iPad. I avoided getting it for nearly a year because of the FOXCONN suicides (and the ridiculous solution of putting massive nets around the buildings – maybe THEY should have used ejection seats), and that every device, part, accessory and component are manufactured in China. I held off knowing that it was likely the groundbreaking device I needed for my work. I hoped against hope that a new tablet (perhaps the Samsung, made in Korea) would have the capabilities that I needed. Yet last December, I bit the bullet. Aside from the China thing, Apple is all-in-all a pretty impressive company, and the iPad is truly a revolutionary product. — If I have an allergic reaction, anyone near me can tap a button to get instructions on the EpiPen® I carry with me. (I’ve been in an ER where they didn’t bother to look at the bracelet on my wrist.)

I can write, compose music, design graphics, maintain websites, anywhere, at any time. [but again, I digress]

Maybe the question we do need to ask ourselves is not whether we need that piece of technology, or fabric, or toy, or cheeseburger; but do we need it badly enough to buy it from ANYBODY.

The China thing, OK, it’s being done to death. But what about other considerations, especially for purchases in the hundreds, thousands of dollars.

  • Can I buy it from a locally owned company? So my neighbors can have jobs.
  • Can I buy it from a company that’s not in the newspaper for avoiding taxes?
  • Can I buy it from a company that doesn’t spend billions on the lobbyists who clog up everything that never happens in Washington?
  • Can I buy it from a company that doesn’t spend billions on corporate counsel whose primary purpose is to protect the C-Suite from STOCKHOLDERS and CUSTOMERS?
  • Can I buy it from a company whose C-Suite average compensation isn’t nearly a thousand times the average employee’s?

No, we can’t do this all the time, it really is impossible.

But we can at least think about it. And where each of our hard-earned dollars actually ends up.

sicut conscientia mille testes