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A View From the Back Row

Posted: October 19, 2011 by HoarseMan in the Apocarpous
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A quick doodle from the back row at a Sunday session.


It Could Drive Ya to Drink

My original headline said the Big Blue F, but OK, the “F” itself is white. Blue, however, is the trademark color that people think about. (I’m not including the familiar logo here because they have more lawyers than I do.)

Each day, it seems I have another friend or two pulling the plug on Facebook. I’ve spent some time over the past ten days deleting some information and had planned to do more, but from this article on ZDNET regarding 22 specific privacy and personal data complaints, I think any future effort will be for naught.

Imagine all of us living, planning, connecting, dreaming to fill the Big Bucket of data known as Facebook Intellectual Property.

One of the most amazing organizations on the planet is TED. Where else can you gather the brightest people on the planet? — With a time limit.

Sometimes, looking at these I believe that 18 minutes (NOT the amount of stuff missing from the Nixon tapes*) will someday save the world.

Me, I can’t think without doodling on paper or iPad. (Of course, there are those who would say I don’t think anyway.)

*[ed note: of course this talk is only six minutes, as are most of the talks on, but the time limit for the TED conference speakers is 18 minutes. I wonder if they were thinking of the “missing minutes” when they came up with that time limit…]