So, Day 12 is Two Days Late… Why?

Posted: December 27, 2011 by HoarseMan in Music, the Apomorphine, Where's the Frog?
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Well, there is a reason for it, actually two reasons. I added two more guys, two very special guys.

twelve drummers drumming

Top row: Bob1, Buddy2, Charlie, Gene2, Jimmy2,3

Second row: Keith2, Larry, Levon, Max, Mitch2

Bottom row: Peter, Phil, Ringo, Stewart

Bonus points if you can come up with ALL the last names. (Sorry, I cheated a little and intentionally blurred the photos a little.)


1Drummer-Boomersaurus 2006-2007 – now drumming with Hindsight, Boulder, Colorado
2Now drumming with Elvis – Pound on in peace, boys!
3Drummer – Mary Jane Bann’d 1968-1972, Corrupters 1981 tour, Boomersaurus 2005-2006, RIP cuz, tell Elvis “hi” for me.
*I wanted to create drawings of these gentlemen, but I ran up against a deadline so I did my best to find photos in the public domain, or available as fair use. If you hold the copyright to one of the above photos and do not want it include in this collage, let me know and I will black it out.

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