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OK, so there are a gazillion great things about writers conferences, and if you’re any kind of writer at all you’ve certainly heard one or two of them. I’m gonna toss out just a few off the top of HoarseMan’s pointy (OK, my more hairy than pointy, but getting a lot less so every day) head.

  • Learning lots of stuff from qualified instructors
  • Meeting new writers from around the country if not the world
  • There is usually a bar.

Oh, yeah. The FOOD! The food at some conferences can verge upon greatness. That which doesn’t is usually pretty darned good. The Marriott hotel in Colorado Springs (home of the Pikes Peak Writers Conference) does the best job EVER at handling allergies in large meal preparation. As you’ll see in the photo below.


Everyone in the known universe has created  decimam ad prima in descendenum ordo at least ONCE in their lives, probably more, maybe even more than TEN. Triggered by a notice about registration for the 2013 Pikes Peak Writers Contest, HoarseMan happily (OK, maybe not so much…) presents NEVER, EVER AGAIN – a treatise in top ten list format on why a writer, a serious writer, should NEVER, EVER go a full year (actually at least 18 months — Hoarseman’s last was RMFW on the 10th anniversary of 9/11) without a attending, presenting at, or organizing, a writer’s conference .

Here’s a sneak preview…


Boy, the new 1200 x 600 header playground for Twitter accounts has been a blast to play with over the past week. I finished up the last of my accounts on Thursday night and have everything all installed. This is a reduced size copy of the @HoarseMan header. To see what all of the pictures are, just click on the image to see the full size annotated picture.

Half size image of HoarseMan Twitter Header – click to see the annotated full size version.

All eleven headers for the the ChaliceMedia Twitter Accounts will be up on the ChaliceMedia Blog and the ChaliceMedia Facebook page over next several days.  IMPORTANT! The ChaliceMedia Facebook page has been in a limited content R&D stage since I laid out the first version. It’s never been promoted so the only follower you’ll find there is HoarseMan. If the page has any interest for you, please click the like button and forward it to some friends. There will be much more coming up over the next few months.

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