NEVER, EVER AGAIN – Missing Conferences #10

Posted: October 29, 2012 by HoarseMan in Aoneandatwo, D.P.D.O.
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OK, so there are a gazillion great things about writers conferences, and if you’re any kind of writer at all you’ve certainly heard one or two of them. I’m gonna toss out just a few off the top of HoarseMan’s pointy (OK, my more hairy than pointy, but getting a lot less so every day) head.

  • Learning lots of stuff from qualified instructors
  • Meeting new writers from around the country if not the world
  • There is usually a bar.

Oh, yeah. The FOOD! The food at some conferences can verge upon greatness. That which doesn’t is usually pretty darned good. The Marriott hotel in Colorado Springs (home of the Pikes Peak Writers Conference) does the best job EVER at handling allergies in large meal preparation. As you’ll see in the photo below.

Ta-da! Item #10 pictures a Flickr photo from the 2010 Pikes Peak Writer’s Conference by Jared Hagen. The aged look comes from conference organization, the hefty look comes from marvelous, stupendous, wondrous dinners, lunches, lattes and frozen adult beverages.

ron at 2010 ppwc

Ron at PPWC 2010 with a tummy that got spoiled on great conference munchies.

Hoarseman had thought about putting a fancy 10 on the pic, but what would happen if he ended up with ELEVEN? After all Spinal Tap did!

He also wanted us to remind you about the bar… you think those bags under his eyes came from Santa Claus?

iustus a iocus circa Santa – et vinum


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