NEVER, EVER AGAIN Number Nine, Number Nine, Number Nine..

Posted: November 1, 2012 by HoarseMan in Aoneandatwo, D.P.D.O.
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number nineOK so the HoarseMan lied. In Monday’s preview of the first D.P.D.O. series, he mentioned that the number 10 item on the list would have something to with Jammies. Well, it didn’t. Get over it.

If the HoarseMan was an apologetic type, he would insert a sincere apology at this point and PROMISE that Number NINE would contain something about Jammies. Well, there you go. I’ve already used it twice in this post, and that’s enough for now. Get over it.

That topic, don’t want to actually mention Jammies again because I’m concerned that you will get your hopes up, will have an entire article at some time in the future, but HoarseMan is not committing to any specific date or time. So…

Today, Hoarseman is going to talk about bathtubs… with a lady showing the best way to use one. B^)

One of least mentioned things about conferences, but probably the part that’s right up near the top is creature comforts. Soft chairs, comfy beds with lots of pillows to stack up for 2:00 AM movie watching. All those little bottles of stuff in the bathroom. And a bathtub. Sure, die hard shower people (who seem, like HoarseMan, to be mostly male in the parts department) can stand up and get clean.

Yes, shower people, are not required to do ANY of the following if you don’t want to:

  • Catch up on your reading in a warm, comfortable, quiet environment.
  • Get completely relaxed while getting clean, not getting pounded by a high pressure stream.
  • Add bubbles, even scented if you like, unlike the bathtub bubbles you get after Enchiladas Supremo at the local Quesadilla Queen
  • Give a good soaking to those places that are hard to reach in the shower.

Damn it. GET TO A CONFERENCE THIS YEAR! You owe it to your body.

woman reading in bathtub

Original photo:, overpainting and embellishments, Ron Heimbecher ChaliceMedia

  1. fpdorchak says:

    …AND it’s a poor man’s/woman’s Jacuzzi….

  2. HoarseMan says:

    You got it dude. But I’ve left the bar long enough to even FIND the hotel Jacuzzi. Hmm… Maybe now that I’m 100 pounds lighter… But then I might go down one of the drain holes.

  3. [ed: “7pia” left us this nice comment – at least are the words that are G-Rated: “I found this blog very usefull and I just wanna thank you for that. I hope you keep up the perfect work!”]

    Thanks Pia,

    Comment Cop

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