HMAs (Acronyms)

Hoarse Man Acronyms: (in alphabetical order so as not to infer some kind of preference, and to show that most of the time I do know my alphabet)

  • A – The Answer (or perhaps more appropriately “The Answer”), I was going to use TA, but there are those who would confuse it with T&A which is a whole different thing altogether.
  • AFN – Adios for now
  • AMF – another version of adios
  • AWNP – American Wing Nut Party (of course, they call themselves something different
  • B^) – Me*, smiling with glasses. Can’t you see the resemblance?
  • B^{ – Me, not so smiling
  • D – Democrat
  • FTP- Freakin’ Tea Party
  • GDC – Gol’ Durn Commie (for polite company; Goddamn Communist otherwise)
  • HM – HoarseMan, dummy
  • LPC – Little PeePee Compensator
  • MFS – It’s a self-indulgent secret, but the “F” doesn’t stand for what you’re probably thinking.
  • PITA – Pain in the a$$
  • PNCP – Post Neanderthal Conservative Party (
  • Q – NOT the James Bond guy who makes all the cool stuff… Q means Question as in- “Q: WTF does HM stand for?”
  • R – Republican
  • TOUI* – This is a secret code between us…
  • WTF – for polite folk it means “I’m sorry, I don’t think I clearly understand your meaning…”

If you’ve got one that I missed, leave a comment. B^)

*Please excuse the potential overuse of the word Me, here. It’s taken many years for those-of-us-inside to stop using We. Besides, this is my blog.

  1. Used Tractors says:

    Good informative and realistic article!

  2. g scale train says:

    Exactly where do these crazy nerds get this stuff?

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    Thank YOU Strum

    Comment Cop

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