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Q: What the heck does Apo-something mean, Hoarse Man?

A scene from The Down Button a Rick Lynxwood film starring Ron Lynch Chalice

HM: Apo-something means I just don’t know what yet! The easy way out would be Apocalypse…but it’s like way overdone. How many freakin’ movies can they make about it? So I started looking at alternatives. The internet is handy, but sometimes nothing beats a big fat hardcover Webster’s Dictionary. Take a look at the list below, and let me know what YOU think.

  • Apoapsis – Man, I’ve gotta say that certainly fits, same number of syllables, too. Sometimes I really feel like I’m a long way from my gravitational center. Out of the loop, almost.
  • Apocarpous – Sheesh! I don’t have any carpels, let alone separate ones. WTF is a carpel anyway? Sounds a little bit like the PITA tunnel I have in my wrist.
  • Apochromatic – First of all too many syllables. Not even going to waste time with that distorted image. (even a self-image)
  • Apocope – Wha…? Th… F…
  • Apocrine – we don’t do secretions here.
  • Apocrypha – Nope! I know who’s writing this crap. No doubtful authorship here. Hmmm… about that authenticity, though…
  • Skipping, skipping, skipping…a bunch of really boring ones.
  • Apologist – Like that ever happens, I should kick apology off the list, too.
  • Apomorphine – What d’ya think? Sounds a little hazy to me.
  • Aporia – This one has got to be getting close. The definition has a lot of big words in it, including literary
  • Apostasy – No, I’ve got no belief that this one is right.
  • Apostrophe – By Jove, I think this is it! I leave stuff out…and the stuff in here (the blog, not my head…ok, maybe in my head) is mine…mine…mine!
  • Apothecary – ask me tomorrow when I’ve taken my meds…
  • and last, but far from least…Apotheosis – thanks, you really shouldn’t, but hey if that’s what you think who am I to disagree?