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Once upon a time…

Oh, yeah… I’ll read anything that begins this way. Books, newspapers, scripts, blogs, forum posts, a newsgroups… somehow, that’s where all of us would really like to be, especially when the world around us is changing faster than diapers on a set of octuplets.

Once upon a time people went to work for a company and knew that if they wanted it, they could have a job for life. With benefits, with a pension – company paid.

No, it was true once, really.

Once upon a time, a good writer, if he or she was persistent and talented, could eventually find a publisher who would joyfully publish the writer’s works. Many times, the writer/publisher relationship lasted a lifetime, with everybody involved making a halfway decent living.

Once upon a time, the men and women who ran publishing companies were people who could read something besides the Bloomberg ticker. Now, they call them media conglomerates, and they’re all owned by one of the LPC’s (Little PeePee Compensators) who are obsessed with the idea that a ten-figure net worth is woefully inadequate. This guys and gals have it so bad that The Supremes (the judges, not the talented ones) have said we have to be nice to them and treat their companies like real people.

Damn, real freakin’ life slaps us in the face again.

Once upon a time, said writer (see above) was considered to be a creative artist like Beethoven or Andy Warhol, and as such, was able to do business differently than those in the real world. Beethoven and his homies used to have patrons to foot the bills so they could just hang and do creative stuff. Warhol had the personality to attract a lot of strange people with way too much money.

It has all CHANGED. The writing business is like any other business now — once again for emphasis — the writing business is like any other business now.

  • You have to build something that people want to buy.
  • You have to build it better than your competitors do.
  • You have to understand your target market.
  • You have to go out and sell shit!

It’s not a question of if I write it they will buy. Selling stuff means a lot of things. Advertising, giveaways, business networking. You know the drill.

How do you think the roofing guy gets business? He hangs with builders, and lumberyards, and the Guy Who Creates Tornadoes… and oh, yeah… he uses Facebook and Twitter, and probably has a blog.

Browse Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Plaxo, et al ad nauseum. Everybody is doing it. Today’s small business people know that the only possible way you can survive is to get the word out. GET. THE. WORD. OUT.

Musicians (yeah the Hoarseman used to be one), have learned over the past few years that to survive they have to operate like a business. Have a website, give away songs, be good at what you do, and learn about business and marketing. The same goes for those in the visual arts.

Dang, doesn’t it suck to have a bottom line driving everything?

(I could ramble on this one forever but ya gotta watch for the TL;DR gremlin…)

Pax et Caritas

The PNCP is a fictitious political party in Ron's online storyworld

OK, so we’re all getting a bit fed up with this manure pile called the 2010 mid-term elections. It really doesn’t matter if you are an R, D, L, GDC, or FTP it still is a big PITA. It’s not even as civilized as he-said-she-said-it-said (*more on it-saids in a minute).

Has any single human being on planet earth heard any single candidate for American public office this year say, “I am, I will, I did” -??? Nope, I’ll bet not. Every single ad in my mailbox, every single pukeyvoiced telephone call in the middle of my freakin’ dinner or evening with my wife, every single mofo pop-up ad on the daggone news website is all about…

  • My opponent is an a-hole because he voted for…
  • My opponent is an a-hole because he voted against…
  • My opponent is an a-hole just because he is…

OK that’s just the candidate to candidate Bovine Scat. Then we’ve got the party-line…

(Did you ever think about the party-line metaphor and how true it is. A bunch of people blabbering at once and nobody is saying anything. — ah, but I digress, and very few people today are old enough to remember a telephone party line. They think a party line is something on a mirror.)

  • The opposing party wants to destroy (BLANK) in America because they’re not real Americans.
  • The opposing party supports (ANYTHING THAT YOU DON’T WANT) and…
  • The opposing party hates (EVERYTHING YOU VALUE IN LIFE)

*I promised more about the it-saids, and here it is. In their black-gowned, stern-faced wisdom the Supremes (NOT the Motown ones with Diana Ross and a couple of other hot chicks but the judge kind) – or should I say the Supreme Court Justices stated that corporations have the same right to participate in politics that human beings do. Yeah, you heard me right corporations–no souls, no hearts, and no friggin’ brains–with the same right to political contributions and discourse (kind of like intercourse, but not as fun) as human beings with blood and stuff. Maybe the Supremes (not the Motown ones) have WAYYYY to much experience with party lines themselves.

How many corporations do you think there are in this day and age whose stock is wholly owned by American citizens? Doh… How many even have the bulk of majority stockholders as American citizens? A simpler question is how many corporations (theoretically and supposedly American corporations) have the bulk of their capital in China and the bulk of their employees in India?

So, in a freakin’ nutshell millions of dollars from China, India, and maybe the Cayman Islands are being spent to put people on television to say “my opponent is an a-hole”?

The saying used to be that politicians are often “economical with the truth.” You know like ad agencies and the fine print in banking terms of service. Well, I’m pretty sure that the last honest words from an American politician were on the missing 18 minutes of the Nixon tapes.

Don’t forget to vote!