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image from "The Down Button"

A scene from The Down Button, a Rick Lynxwood film starring Ron Lynch Chalice

In our typical way, we inside the mind of the HoarseMan have decided that we won’t bother to get specific in the name of this blog. Instead, we created a set of post categories that map directly to most of the options we were thinking about as titles for this blog. Here are the new post categories, and what they mean.

  • the Apoapsis: stuff gets written here when the HoarseMan is feeling way off center
  • the Apocarpous: the tendons in the HoarseMan’s wrists are getting tender from typing so freakin’ much – no not really, which would be a good explanation if the “carpous” part referred to “carpal” but it doesn’t. The real reason the HoarseMan chose this is so he could sneak by the censors with sexy stories about carpels being separated by a pistil or two.
  • the Apocope: Leaving stuff out at the end of…
  • the Apocrine: the post probably stinks
  • the Apomorphine: the HoarseMan is having an “off” day, or he’s trying to make his dog puke
  • the Aporia: there’s some intentional confusion or mis-definition in there
  • the Apostasy: the HoarseMan is going off in a different direction, away from his principles (if he had any)
  • the Apostrophe: O Goodness, the HoarseMan is talking to someone who isn’t there, or maybe something has been left out…
  • the Apothecary: did the HoarseMan miss his meds today?
  • the Apotheosis: an expansion of the HoarseMan’s consciousness

We hope this list makes more sense to you than it does to us. Don’t forget about our category friends…

  • 6th Period Civics – where the HoarseMan waxes political, which is really nothing at all like a Brazilian Wax.
  • WTF? – where HoarseMan responds to the aeonian questions “What is this all about, dear?” and “What does this mean, dear?” or perhaps “What the hell is going on here, dear?”

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