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Well, there is a reason for it, actually two reasons. I added two more guys, two very special guys.

twelve drummers drumming

Top row: Bob1, Buddy2, Charlie, Gene2, Jimmy2,3

Second row: Keith2, Larry, Levon, Max, Mitch2

Bottom row: Peter, Phil, Ringo, Stewart

Bonus points if you can come up with ALL the last names. (Sorry, I cheated a little and intentionally blurred the photos a little.)


1Drummer-Boomersaurus 2006-2007 – now drumming with Hindsight, Boulder, Colorado
2Now drumming with Elvis – Pound on in peace, boys!
3Drummer – Mary Jane Bann’d 1968-1972, Corrupters 1981 tour, Boomersaurus 2005-2006, RIP cuz, tell Elvis “hi” for me.
*I wanted to create drawings of these gentlemen, but I ran up against a deadline so I did my best to find photos in the public domain, or available as fair use. If you hold the copyright to one of the above photos and do not want it include in this collage, let me know and I will black it out.

Public Domain images from WikiPaintings(an amazing new site in Beta), except as noted1 from top left:

  1. Corner of a Cafe Concert 1880 – Vincent Van Gogh
  2. Head of a Peasant with a Pipe 1885 – Van Gogh
  3. Head of Man 1886 – Van Gogh
  4. Self Portrait with Straw Hat and Pipe 1887 – Van Gogh
  5. Head of a Fisherman with a Sou’Wester 1883 – Van Gogh
  6. Man with Pipe and Eye Bandage 1882 – Van Gogh
  7. A Good Glass of Beer 1873 – Van Gogh
  8. Richard Meinertzhagen – Public Domain photograph – (from WikiMedia Commons1)
  9. Man Smoking a Pipe – James, McNeil Whistler c. 1859
  10. Fisherman with a Sou’Wester Pipe and Coal Pan 1883
  11. A Guard Room Interior with a Soldier Blowing Smoke in the Face of His Sleeping Companion – Gerard Terborch

1Caption of the same image in Garfield, Brian (2007) The Meinertzhagen Mystery, reads: “Richard Meinertzhagen in the Highlands, 1922″(from Wikipedia)

They’re leapin’ all over the place…

Almost there,

Dancin’ to the Nines

Posted: December 22, 2011 by HoarseMan in the Apomorphine
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Q: So what’s with the animated GIF, Hoarseman? Don’t you know how to Flash™?

A: Of course, I know HOW to flash, it’s just not something I’m likely to do in public. In fact, the first animation I created for these tiny dancers was a Flash™ file, but I wanted to see this whole series on my iPad™. I also created a video file, but was too lazy to configure the page to support it.

Flash is a trademark of  Adobe Systems. iPad is a trademark of Apple.


Eight “made guys” got milked!