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Public Domain images from WikiPaintings(an amazing new site in Beta), except as noted1 from top left:

  1. Corner of a Cafe Concert 1880 – Vincent Van Gogh
  2. Head of a Peasant with a Pipe 1885 – Van Gogh
  3. Head of Man 1886 – Van Gogh
  4. Self Portrait with Straw Hat and Pipe 1887 – Van Gogh
  5. Head of a Fisherman with a Sou’Wester 1883 – Van Gogh
  6. Man with Pipe and Eye Bandage 1882 – Van Gogh
  7. A Good Glass of Beer 1873 – Van Gogh
  8. Richard Meinertzhagen – Public Domain photograph – (from WikiMedia Commons1)
  9. Man Smoking a Pipe – James, McNeil Whistler c. 1859
  10. Fisherman with a Sou’Wester Pipe and Coal Pan 1883
  11. A Guard Room Interior with a Soldier Blowing Smoke in the Face of His Sleeping Companion – Gerard Terborch

1Caption of the same image in Garfield, Brian (2007) The Meinertzhagen Mystery, reads: “Richard Meinertzhagen in the Highlands, 1922″(from Wikipedia)

They’re leapin’ all over the place…

Almost there,

Dancin’ to the Nines

Posted: December 22, 2011 by HoarseMan in the Apomorphine
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Q: So what’s with the animated GIF, Hoarseman? Don’t you know how to Flash™?

A: Of course, I know HOW to flash, it’s just not something I’m likely to do in public. In fact, the first animation I created for these tiny dancers was a Flash™ file, but I wanted to see this whole series on my iPad™. I also created a video file, but was too lazy to configure the page to support it.

Flash is a trademark of  Adobe Systems. iPad is a trademark of Apple.


Eight “made guys” got milked!


Don’t mind them fins now, Guv. Just keep wavin’ yer arms.